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Con J. Franke Electric's Adaptability and Expertise Enhance Flood Protection in Stockton

April 15, 2024

Explore our electrical work on the Smith Canal Miter Gate Project at Dad’s Point in Stockton, CA. Our involvement started in December 2021 and will wrap up in June 2024.

The Smith Canal Miter Gate Project is a critical infrastructure project aimed at enhancing flood protection measures in Stockton, CA and we are proud to be a part of this community improvement to lower flood risks.

Con J. Franke Electric’s industrial electric expertise is enabling the construction of a floodwall along the San Joaquin River between Dad’s Point and the eastern boundary of the Stockton Golf & Country Club. At the heart of the floodwall is a miter gate to provide boat access to Atherton Cove and Smith Canal. This gate will remain open except during high water and tide events and for periodic testing, effectively isolating Smith Canal from the San Joaquin River to mitigate flood risks which will meet State and Federal standards for flood protection. Dad’s Point will be raised and strengthened, allowing it to be certified as a levee.

With a high workload for this project, particularly during construction, we have two project managers overseeing the work, Garrett Carpenter and Antonio Zuniga, and Foreman Cody Craven managing the day-to-day activities at the site. Other Con J. Franke Electric team members include estimator Lew Frain and project administrator Jennifer Morse. Each has displayed exemplary teamwork, resiliency, and adaptability. The size of our professional subcontracted crews varies depending on the specialties required and the associated workload.

Valued at $1,250,087, our electrical work for this capital improvement project focuses on four areas:

  • Installation of electrical and instrumentation systems
  • Excavation, encasement, backfill, and compaction for duct bank installations
  • Demolition of existing site lighting
  • Installation of light pole bases

Our work has included excavation of underground utilities to facilitate the project; installation of PVC conduit for and implementation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit on the floodwall for PG&E and AT&T utility companies; integration of control panels and cabinets provided by controls system integrator, Tesco Controls; and construction of light pole concrete bases and installation of light pole standards.

Positive Community Outcomes

The Smith Canal Miter Gate Project will have a transformative impact on the community. Once completed, FEMA will remap the Smith Canal area, effectively removing the “high-risk” flood zone designation. This will also remove the requirement for mandatory flood insurance and building restrictions for approximately 5,000 properties. Further, about 3,000 additional properties will no longer be labeled as high-risk zones, allowing property owners to obtain flood insurance at low-risk rates.


The project encountered minor scheduling delays due to complicated geotechnical conditions faced by the Project Team. However, Con J. Franke Electric’s team has persevered and successfully mitigated the delays to have the project remain on target for a completion date this spring.

Con J. Franke Electric takes immense pride in contributing to the construction of the Smith Canal Miter Gate Project, a vital endeavor aimed at fortifying flood protection in Stockton, CA. Our ability to adapt to unfamiliar products and navigate complexities enables the project for a safer and more secure future from floodwaters to be completed!