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Powering the Delivery of 12 Million Gallons of Potable Water Every Day

May 02, 2023

The Turlock Surface Project, located in Denair, California, is a massive commercial electric construction project with an estimated duration of two-and-a-half years, with construction beginning in February 2021 and estimated to conclude in July 2023. The project has a total value of $4,625,000 and aims to provide a complete and operational facility to convey treated potable water from the City's Terminal Tank to the potable water distribution system.

More than 25 experienced and knowledgeable professionals from Con J. Franke Electric have been involved in the Turlock Surface Project, ranging from the office to the on-site team, to the electric shop. Associate Project Manager Antonio Zuniga is overseeing the project, with Foreman Wil Mathews heading up the on-site team.

Massive Scope, Intricate Details

The project’s scope is vast, with the construction of a 2.3-million-gallon concrete tank, a 12-million-gallon-per-day pump station and building, detention basin and storm water pump station, three pressure-reducing valve (PRV) vaults, electrical and instrumentation equipment.

The project also includes underground construction, with seven precast vaults installed in the terminal tank site on North Quincy Road in Denair, and 22 boxes installed for the fiber cable in the Quincy Road, Monte Vista Road, and Wellington Road valve vault buildings.

The installation of the fiber cable boxes will enhance the communication network between these sites and the main terminal tank site building, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the water system.

Con J. Franke also handled the installation of fire alarm and security systems, lighting, and more to ensure the safety and security of the project and its occupants.

The project work includes a low-voltage switchgear and a motor control center (MCC) to provide the necessary power and control to the variable frequency drives (VFDs), pumps, MCCs, and other electrical equipment. There are three VFDs in this project that will control the speed and torque of electric motors, resulting in energy savings and improved performance.

There is also a 16V 2000 DS 1250KW generator to provide backup power in case of power outages or any other unforeseen circumstances. This is a diesel series, V-configuration engine with 16 cylinders, a displacement of 20 liters, and a power rating of 1250kW.

The three PRV vaults, which serve as regulators to maintain the desired pressure within the water system are located in the Quincy Road, Monte Vista Road, and Wellington Road buildings, as well as the building at the main terminal tank site. Both the Quincy and Wellington valve vault buildings required minor additions, such as the addition of a panel, instruments, and breakers. Monte Vista Road is a new valve vault building that requires energizing through the Turlock Irrigation District (TID), and it will have the same accessories, equipment, and instruments as the other valve vault buildings. The main terminal tank site building houses all the necessary electrical equipment to facilitate the pumping of 12 million gallons per day.

All commercial electrical projects undergo changes during their course, and this project was no exception. There were several change orders of different magnitudes throughout the project to date, requiring adjustments to the project's objectives. These changes have involved tasks such as adapting or installing electrical rough-ins for new equipment or site alterations and/or relocating equipment.

Overcoming Challenges to Deliver Clean Water

One of the biggest challenges to overcome with this project has been supply chain issues related to electrical equipment, which can always cause significant disruptions to project timelines and budgets. On the other hand, one of the most positive aspects of the Turlock Surface Project is the sense of collaboration and teamwork that has developed among the Con J. Franke Electric team members.

Despite the challenges and changes that occurred throughout the project, everyone on the Con J. Franke Electric team has been pitching in and supporting each other. Everyone remains inspired by and committed to the project's goal of successfully providing access to potable water and the team's hard work and dedication will have a tangible impact on many lives.

In the end, the Turlock Surface Project is another impressive testament to the power of Con J. Franke Electric’s dedication to collaboration and teamwork as the region’s premier commercial electrical contractor in the water industry.